Polyester Fiber Acoustic Board

Fiber acoustic board, also known as a felt acoustic panel. It is made from 100% polyester fiber as raw material, and is heat-pressed and combinedPolyester  in the form of cocoon cotton. The heat treatment public method is utilized to achieve a variety of densities to ensure ventilation, making it an excellent product among sound-absorbing materials, finishing materials, and heat-insulating materials.
The most commonly used colors for polyester fiber acoustic board: ivory, silver gray, emerald green, cherry red, white, sky blue, dark green, autumn leaf green, bluebird, yellow, jewel blue, gray blue, fuchsia, grass green and so on.
The commonly used styles of polyester fiber acoustic board are: glossy, light gray, moonlight gray, medium-width straight grain, fine straight grain, chevron, printing, cross check and so on.
Common processes are: slotting, carving, color blocking, chamfering;
Common thickness: 8mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm.
The polyester fiber acoustic board are widely used in concert halls, theaters, recording studios, Li convulsive halls, meeting rooms, gymnasiums, exhibition halls, dance halls, KTV rooms and other public places on the ground, fill surface and ceiling.

Polyester Fiber Acoustic Board - Features
1. Lightweight

The material is light, and greatly reduces the load on the buildings. 

 2. Insulated

It creates a comfortable indoor constant temperature space.

 3. Stable

The shape and function are not affected by temperature or humidity.

 4. Durable

The material is pressure-proof、shock-proof、waterproof、fireproof and mothproof to keep the board for a long time.

 5. Attractive and practical
The board is rich in color and can be designed in varieties of patterns.

Polyester Fiber Acoustic Board - Application
Piano room/conference room/library/kindergarten/hotel/KTV/cinema/theater etc.

Polyester Fiber Acoustic Board - Construction process
1, Before construction, pay attention to the selection of boards, layout, reduce color differences
Polyester fiber acoustic panel is 100% polyester fiber as raw material, formed by high temperature hot pressing. Due to the different coloring fiber production batch number, there are some minor color difference, therefore, should try to purchase the same batch number production of acoustic panels. Before the construction of sound-absorbing panels for platooning to adjust the color difference, and then installed in the order of construction.
2, Cut the plate to master the method, pay attention to details
In cutting the sound-absorbing plate is recommended to use a steel ruler or alloy steel as a ruler, to avoid cutting lines are not straight, resulting in large gaps or distortions, thus affecting the sound-absorbing effect.
3, Cutting or chamfering to choose the corresponding tools
If the blade is not sharp enough, in the sound-absorbing board cutting or chamfering is easy to produce rough edges and hairy surface, affecting the beauty and splicing effect, it is best to use high-quality imported blades. Chamfering can be used special chamfering tool.
4, The construction of the base surface treatment requirements
The base surface is required to be flat, in the cement surface directly paste, should first scrape the base surface flat, and then paste the sound-absorbing board. Special attention should be paid to: when the grass-roots level is not a cement wall surface, but the use of gypsum board, cement board, blockboard or calcium silicate board and other panels, the base plate seams must be used to seal the joints of the cloth and sealing mud to avoid leakage of air affecting the sound-absorbing effect.
5, The choice of adhesive glue
Preferred polyester fiber acoustic board special glue. According to the substrate selection of suitable adhesive.
*Cement or wood substrate: you can choose to neoprene rubber flavor raw materials without benzene universal adhesive or white latex.
*Paper-faced gypsum board substrate: in the substrate is not easy to moisture, you can choose white latex or wall adhesive (brush adhesive paste should be fixed immediately after the texture of the nail to avoid glue is not dry, the board moves); in the substrate is easy to moisture, you can choose the universal adhesive. Sound-absorbing board is a porous plate, easy to absorb glue, blocking the cavity, it is recommended that the construction of one-sided brush glue (only in the wall brush glue, brush the amount of glue is slightly thicker than normal), while reinforced with nails.
6, Yin and yang corner treatment
Polyester fiber sound-absorbing board construction, according to the construction environment for yin and yang corner processing.


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