With more than 20 years of experience in import and export trade and rich supply chain resources. G&F can assist customers to solve problems in factory inspection, production progress monitoring, payment of goods and booking shipping, etc. . And provide customers with high-quality, efficient one-stop supply chain and financial services.



  • Factory Inspection And Inspection Services On Behalf Of Customers.

According to customers' requirements, we can provide personalized factory inspection services. Including professional factory inspection reports or live factory inspection services. Let customers have a more comprehensive and aimed understanding of the intended cooperation factory. Avoid the risks of cooperation.

At the same time, we also provide customers with inspection services. Including production progress supervision and quality inspection. In strict accordance with the information, samples, and notes provided by customers. We establish a standardized inspection process to reduce the risk of product quality.


  • Collection Service.

The key domestic consolidation warehouses are Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Yiwu, Hong Kong, etc. . When the buyer has more than one supplier and has the demand for consolidation. We can respond the first time, collect the goods in different places in China. And then load the containers, and then unify the customs declaration. We can ensure that the goods can reach the merchants in, timely and at a low cost, and shorten the time limit of logistics.


  • Compound Customs Clearance, All Kinds of Customs Clearance Services.

Including general trade 0110 customs declaration and export, market procurement 1039 customs declaration and export, e-commerce platform 9710, 9810 customs declaration and export, etc. We provide customs clearance services for containerized cargoes and bulk LCLs for export.


  • Dedicated Logistics.

We provide customers with all kinds of import and export goods by sea, air, land, and international multimodal transport business. Hundreds of cross-border logistics lines can reach 214 countries and regions around the world. This service is guaranteed, safer, cost-effective. And the whole tracking information can be checked.


  • Provide L/C Collection And Advance Payment Service.

For suppliers who do not accept L/C, we can provide L/C collection and advance payment service. After the goods are inspected and declared, the customer will see the scanned copy of the bill of lading to pay the final payment and service fee. Solve the problem that customers cannot place orders.


  • Provide Credit Service.

After the customer pays a 30%-50% deposit in advance, we can provide credit service according to the customer's creditworthiness. We can provide credit service to reduce customers' financial pressure and ease rapid market expansion. Including: 30-120 days letter of credit, 30-120 days TT, 30-120 days DA/DP, 30-120 days OA, etc. 


  • Substitute Procurement And Advance Payment Service.

20 years of experience in the industry. We can provide textile procurement services for our customers. At the same time, we can provide financial services such as advance payment to factories according to customers' needs. We can enhance customers' sourcing experience and reduce financial pressure.



Our comprehensive cross-border supply chain services involve logistics, information flow, and capital flow. And provide cross-border supply chain services. According to the requirements of customs clearance in the destination country. Some of the operations are pre-approved and the customs declaration information is pre-approved. Improve the efficiency and clearance rate of customs clearance in the destination country. Seamless operation of customs clearance nodes in the destination country with clear responsibilities. Reduce the rate of lost goods in the customs clearance process. It reduces the operation cost and risk for customers.




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