G15DOW Water Jet-loom Interlining

G15DOW is plain woven interlining with PA double dots coating. The characteristics are soft, light, thin, and floating.  It is suitable for a variety of women's chiffon fabric and cotton.

Product Definition:

G15DOW Water jet loom interlining is made of ultra-fine 15D fiber, with ultra-thin backing fabric and coated by PA double dots.  Due to the low gram weight and fine yarn, this interlining is soft, light, thin, and floating. It is especially suitable for all kinds of light fabrics, such as chiffon and cotton.

Detailed Specifications and Parameters:
Base fabric composition  100% polyester
Specification  15D
Weight(gsm)  19
Coating  PA double dot
Color  off white
Hand feel  soft
Width range(cm)  122/150
Fusing temperature()  135-145
Fusing pressure  2.5-3.5
Fusing time(S)  12-18
Packing    50m or100m/roll in polybag or as request

Certificate of Woven Interlining

Product Features:
It is thin, light, and soft, especially for all kinds of light fabric.
The abrasive resistance of this material is very high. 
It has good stretch ability, good breathability, and superior shrink resistance.
With PA double dot coating, it has good stretching ability and elasticity. It can be water washing or dry-cleaning.

Production Process:

Raw material: 100% polyester yarn 

Equipment: water jet loom

Process: texturing - warping - weaving - dyeing and finishing - setting - coating - winding - packaging


It is ideal for all kinds of light, high-grade women's fabric.

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