What I Wish Everyone Knew About Horse Hair Interlining.

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Update time : 2023-01-05 11:01:22

Horse hair interlining is a plain weave fabric made of horsetail and wool, with the surface of horsetail brown interlaced with native white, and the density is sparse. horse hair interlining is very elastic, not wrinkled, brace, hot and humid state can be extracted from the design of the required shape, long as the chest lining of high-grade clothing.

As natural horsetail is a highly elastic material, using a new process of formaldehyde-free finishing, soft with rigid, and firm in the smooth service, horse hair interlining is mainly used for suits, coats, trench coats, military uniforms, etc., so that the clothing parts are brace, with good drape, is a special lining that can improve the sense of fullness and wearing comfort of clothing (top shoulder chest position).

The main features of horse hair interlining are:

High elasticity;
Good shape retention;
Good breathability;
Small shrinkage;
Harmless to the human body;

Environmental protection and no pollution. horse hair interlining is a green product that meets the requirements of environmental protection, and is the "king" of all kinds of interlining fabrics used in suits, keeping the three-dimensional and bracing sense of the suit.

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This is the end of the introduction of horse hair interlining, want to know more about other garment fabrics to share, follow us.

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