Green Trade In Services Highlights The Green And Low-Carbon Development Of China'S Economy.

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Update time : 2023-09-07 14:25:51
As an important engine of world economic growth, the development of the global service industry and trade in services is accelerating the process of greening and intelligentization. At CITES 2023, the new trend of green development of services and trade in services is reflected in everything from the National Convention Center area's first use of the National Stadium as the main venue for the thematic exhibition on environmental services, to the highlights of many forums on the theme of green and low-carbon, to the cutting-edge results of green services, technologies and business models brought by exhibitors from all over the world.

The service industry and trade in services are the focus of China's new round of high-level opening up, an important driving force for stable economic growth, and an effective way to improve the quality of industrial development and upgrade the level of economic modernization. To effectively realize the goal of "Zero Carbon Trade in Services", a "Carbon Neutral" project has been introduced in the exhibition area of the TIS, which promises to neutralize the greenhouse gas emissions generated by the TIS in 2023 through the purchasing of carbon assets and credits, as well as through innovative solutions such as carbon-neutral insurance. The project is also a good example of this. By coincidence, the International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR), with the theme of "Bamboo instead of plastic, plastic reduction, and carbon reduction", displayed bamboo bicycles, furniture, storage boxes, decorations, cutlery, paper towels, and other bamboo products from more than ten enterprises, involving all aspects of people's lives. More noteworthy is that bamboo-composite materials can replace steel, cement, plastic, and other traditional industrial materials, not only renewable raw materials, carbon sequestration, and processing can be done to achieve energy saving and carbon reduction, biodegradable, the use of lower costs.

To grasp innovation is to grasp development, and to seek innovation is to seek the future. In recent years, it is China's continuous promotion of scientific and technological innovation, green and low-carbon elements throughout the construction engineering, transportation services, cultural and tourism services, financial services, digital technology services, and other areas of trade in services, from the Beijing Fair to the Trade in Services, Beijing as the host of the 11 years, not only seen the event internationalization, specialization level continues to improve 11 years, but also with the help of the important platform to expand opening up, deepen cooperation, leading innovation and serving the country's major strategies. It has also been 11 years of serving the country's major strategies through this important platform of expanding openness, deepening cooperation, and leading innovation. For example, as the textile industry with close relationship with human beings, in order to enhance the ability of human beings to cope with climate change and make new contributions to energy saving and emission reduction, through the independent research and development of the "SYCORE-TEX sai cool" new materials, the use of topological soft gel new technology, the multi-component polymer material modified into a three-dimensional multilevel porous topological network structure, supplemented by advanced textile products, the topological network structure, and the topological network structure. With advanced textile manufacturing technology, the new material is formed into ultra-thin fabric topological soft gel, which is not only extremely windproof and warm, but also can be used for light clothes and even spring and winter clothes.

It is not spring when one flower blooms alone, but when a hundred flowers bloom together, the garden will be full of spring. In recent years, China has not only accelerated the green process of trade in services, but also other industries closely around the "dual-carbon goal", practicing green low-carbon development, and actively contributing to the response to global climate change and the realization of sustainable development of mankind with China's wisdom, China's solutions and China's strength. Statistics show that in the past ten years, China's clean and efficient use of coal has been promoted in-depth, more than 80% of coal power units have implemented energy-saving reforms, and the average coal consumption of power supply has dropped by 23 grams of standard coal over the past ten years; more than 90% of coal power units have realized ultra-low emission and the emission of air pollutants in the power industry has dropped by nearly 90%. What is more noteworthy is that over the past decade, China has supported an average annual economic growth rate of 6.5% with an average annual growth rate of 3% in energy consumption, with a cumulative drop of 26.2% in energy intensity and a cumulative drop of about 34% in carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP; China's installed capacity of hydropower, wind power, solar power, and biomass power generation has steadily ranked the first in the world.

"Green low-carbon development, this is the trend of the trend, and those who go along with it will prosper." In the face of ecological challenges, mankind is a community of destiny that thrives on both prosperity and loss, and no country can survive alone. Looking to the future, I believe: that hundreds of millions of Chinese people will continue to anchor the goal of building a beautiful China, in-depth implementation of the "Two Mountains Theory", long-term efforts, sustained efforts, and constantly thicken the high-quality development of the green low-carbon background, will write a wonderful chapter of ecological civilization in the new era, a harmonious coexistence of man and nature in the beautiful scroll of modern China, will be the ancient oriental power. A beautiful picture of a modernized China living in harmony with nature will also unfold in the ancient Oriental country.
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